The smooth day to day running of any business, in our opinion, takes a team of highly committed, enthusiastic and unique individuals and there is no doubt that Oblò’s staff team play a crucial role in our success. We believe our investment in staff over the years has encouraged a team of motivated, inspirational and highly skilled individuals and we feel this is in part due to our commitment to ongoing staff training, consultation, incentives and development.

Regular discussions with individuals and through regular monthly staff and management meetings enable us to establish staff needs and to gain their invaluable insight, opinions and ideas about the business. We highly value staff learning and have invested in bespoke training, engaged in locally based industry related training and undertaken nationally recognised qualifications.

Where possible, we take staff members to trade shows and industry events which we believe offer staff the ultimate in visual inspiration and provide the perfect arena to help motivate staff and encourage them to see their potential within the industry.

Our outstanding team of Chefs and Front of House staff are hard working, skilled and have the right personalities and characteristics needed in this trade. We have strong, effective working relationships, can rely on one another, trust one another and are supportive and helpful to each other. Our aim is simple – to encourage customers to experience a high standard of freshly prepared food, using locally sourced produce at competitive prices in relaxed, comfortable surroundings, being served by laid back, professional staff with great customer and product knowledge.

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